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Island Furniture Co has been making furniture for over 20 years.

We started making what could be termed “standard pine furniture” using solid pine purchased from a timber yard. While this was fine at the time, it was becoming clear to me that a lot of timber was available from other sources, ie reclaim yards and from using the timber salvaged from old furniture.

So for the past few years we have moved away from the traditional style of pine furniture and have started making in a more rustic style, using as much reclaimed wood as possible. This gives every piece a unique look as we don’t make to a formula of mass production.

We started mostly making furniture for the kitchen but now find that we are supplying a lot of units to the retail trade, as the rustic look, and the fact that we can make to various designs, gives retail outlets a chance to give their shop floor a distinctive look. This, combined with the fact that the units are very solid and heavy, make them ideal as display units.

All the units can be made to size and to your design, giving you the chance to have a piece of furniture that suits your needs, either in your kitchen or on the shop floor.

We use either Annie Sloan or Autentico paint, so are able to offer a wide range of colours, or are happy to supply them stained, to give an even more rustic look.

If you have an idea for a unique piece of furniture we would be happy to discuss it with you. Please take a look at the units we have on sale in our Ebay shop to give you an idea of the style we use.

Free standing kitchens are becoming ever more popular and we will be more than happy to offer advice and quote you for a complete kitchen makeover. This gives you the opportunity to create something that you want, to stand out from the crowd, as opposed to having a standard style.

Because we make using solid pine, these units will last, and if after a few years you feel like a change, because they are freestanding, you can move them about.

We will shortly be producing a range of furniture more suited to the bedroom, again in the rustic style.